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Brand Info

About Solcioty

A Solcioty workout involves five heart rate training zones, a motivating class instructor and one amazing hour of time. While wearing a heart rate monitor, members are led through multiple intervals of exercise activities in a high-tech, high-energy environment where high- fives abound. Each zone represents an increased level of intensity. Heart rates go up, calories are burned and goals are reached.

Diversified workouts provide the healthiest exercise routines. The Solcioty experience gives our programmers the best variety to produce workouts to maximize results for each member. Functional exercises, core training, cardio interval training, and strength training using each piece of equipment, combine for a selection of more than 1000 different exercises. This creates an infinite number of workout combinations, where the same workout will never be repeated twice.

The Solcioty experience provides more cardio, more strength and more core.

  • Burn 500-1,000 calories
  • Burn calories up to 36 hours after workout
  • Different workout every day
  • Any tness level
  • Music infused, fun, group environment
  • LED-lit visual cueing


Equipment includes:

  • Airfit Bikes
  • Quick Key Treadmills
  • Rowers
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine Balls
  • TRX Strap
  • Dumbbells
  • Bench and Step
  • Bosu Ball
  • Wall Mount System 
Why A Solcioty Franchise?

Low Overhead | High Margin | Fun concept

The Solcioty mission – to cultivate a true sense of accomplishment and significance in a high touch, high tech and high energy environment where effort is rewarded, goals are reached and lives are changed – not only describes the intended member experience but the investor experience as well. The advantages are clear.

  • Low start-up cost
  • Low overhead
  • Small studio size
  • Small staff
  • High margins
  • Proven systems
  • Fun concept
  • Unique experience
  • Pre-negotiated best prices on fitness equipment, systems and software 
How Much Can I Make?

As with every franchise opportunity, success is a combination of the industry demand, the franchise system/model, and each individual owner’s efforts and work ethic.  Solcioty is selective in its franchisee awarding process so that they can ensure they are partnering with individuals that share their values, their mission, and their willingness to do what it takes to be successful.  Their Item 19 is included in their Franchise Disclosure Document, which you will receive as part of the franchise awarding process.  To start that process, click here.

What is the Investment?

Initial Investment Range: $437,197 to $723,147

Financial Requirement:   $600,000+ Liquidity | $1.5 Million+ Net Worth

Start-up costs to open a Solcioty fitness franchise vary from market to market based primarily on the cost of real estate. This includes a one-time franchise fee of $40,000.  As with most franchises, they do collect a 7% royalty on gross sales to cover their ongoing training and support, and for continuing use of the franchise license, marks, etc.  More information can be found in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.


The Executive Team

Charlie M. Lindsey, CEO - Charlie is a respected fitness industry veteran with a successful history of health club ownership, administration and consulting. In addition to serving as CEO of Solcioty, Charlie owns and operates several health clubs in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. He is a long-time resident of Columbus, GA where he is a member-manager of Solcioty affiliates Solcioty, LLC and Solcioty Products, LLC. Charlie is co-founder of American Club Systems, Inc. and Club Administrative Services, Inc., two Columbus, GA based companies created to help health club owners develop and implement successful sales, marketing and operational processes. 

Justin Kanawyer, President -  Justin is more than the President of Solcioty Fitness, he is the inspiration behind this revolutionary boutique fitness studio. His experience in the health and wellness field is vast and his rise to success has been swift. Justin grew up in Gustine, California, where he attended nearby Stanislaus State University. There, he was a pitcher for the Warriors baseball team. After college, Justin became an Area Supervisor of personal training for a division of InShape Health Clubs. This was followed by an opportunity to become a franchise owner of three supplement stores in Sacramento. Justin’s climb up the fitness industry ladder then took him east where he became Managing Partner for Pure Core Personal Training, serving locations in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Eventually, his journey took him to Sequence Fitness in Panama City, Florida where he remains President and co-owner. Today, Justin’s relentless drive to positively impact the health and wellness of others and his broad experience across multiple platforms of the fitness industry have given rise to a life-changing movement, Solcioty.

David Wheeler, Chief Development Officer -  David has a passion for fitness and a remarkable track record of success with business growth and development. This synergy of pursuits makes him the perfect fit for Solcioty. David brings over two decades of entrepreneurial business, management and finance experience to the table when it’s time to sit down and talk strategy. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Business School with a Law Degree from the University of Tulsa. After graduating from law school, David accepted a position with a private equity firm that introduced him to the world of franchise development. His career path includes positions as Chief Development Officer and Vice President of Franchise Development for FOCUS Brands, an Atlanta-based restaurant holding company, Vice President of Franchise Development for Saladworks, a Philadelphia-based restaurant chain, and Advisory Board Member and Chief Development Officer for Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, based in Dallas. 

Jessica Escamilla, Brand & Creative Director - Jessica has worked in the Fitness Industry for many years, her passion for people and fitness brought her to Solcioty since 2015. Her experience ranges from working at Golds gym, amongst other fitness centers and holding the title of Miss Alabama. She has an abundant experience in Customer Service, Sales and Management. Jessica’s position as Miss Alabama provided her with the opportunity to travel and experience different fitness concepts. Jessica has been very involved with Solcioty since inception and is instrumental in the growth of the concept. Her marketing vision and her passion for fitness are a great combination for Solcioty.


Why I Bought

More Information Coming Soon

Executive Q&A

Northern California Roots Leads to Enhancing Fitness Experience with Technology

Justin Kanawyer, President -  the brain and brawn behind the heart rate monitored fitness community’s studios; explains how it - and he - came to be.

1851: Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from?

Kanawyer: I’m originally from Northern California. I grew up in a small town in Gustine, CA.

1851: What was the younger you like?

Kanawyer: Fitness has been part of my life in different forms. I was an athlete growing up and played college baseball, however I had a shoulder surgery and had to stop training. Suddenly I was faced with looking for other fitness options for myself, I went to the gym and experimented trying to find out what the ‘revised me’ was capable of.  

1851: Did you do the 9-5 out of college?

Kanawyer: Not exactly! When I got out of college, I ended up in a gym as a personal trainer and worked for a health club. I moved up quickly into a sales position and then became a district manager.

Eventually I ventured off independently, I had connections within the industry and I purchased three supplement stores in California. I was in that industry for a few years however retail wasn’t for me. Following an exit from that business, I partnered in a company and did outsourced personal training for 8 years, our company would partner with health club owners to provide personal training services. I ended up coming to Georgia and meeting Charlie Lindsey, my business partner, due to that business venture.

1851: What’s it like working with a gym legend?

Kanawyer: It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve learned a lot from him. Charlie’s been in the industry for 40 years and has a large consulting business, he has owned many health clubs, including being a multi-unit franchisee of an iconic fitness franchise. Both of us have been franchisees and can understand the franchisee perspective as we build out Solcioty and as we move into a franchisor role.

1851: How did you and Charlie Lindsey get on each other’s radar?

Kanawyer: Charlie and I have long relationship that has now formed into a partnership, I took over 5 of his clubs in Columbus and Auburn and then we bought another one in Panama City Beach. In that last health club, we had a separate room that was 2,200 square feet and we didn’t know what to do with it, so we looked at different boutique concepts in the industry. We tested the waters, and Solcioty was born. 

1851: Why Solcioty?

Kanawyer: Originally, we tried different equipment and looked at different concepts, we gravitated toward group training because of our background. Solcioty has everything we were looking for and couldn’t find in other clubs, it helps and benefits the average person who needs resistance training and cardio. As we continued to develop the product, we realized we need to do stand alone studios because the business model is a win-win. We opened a corporate studio in Columbus, Georgia that’s been operating the last year, and we worked through all the kinks there. We are now rolling out the franchise in Atlanta and we are ready to expand beyond the Atlanta market.

1851: What are your hobbies?

Kanawyer: My hobby is researching the fitness industry, I have always had a passion for the industry and now I am consumed with Solcioty and ensuring its success. I also enjoy other activities from time to time, like golf and hunting.

1851: Why should people work out at Solcioty?

Kanawyer: Solcioty is a place for people of any fitness level, as we began the concept we wanted to make sure of that. With our technology we are able to demonstrate primary exercise movements that are more challenging, as well as modified movements for someone that just started working out or someone that may have challenges with injury. Our heart rate technology also allows each individual to know exactly the amount of effort they are putting out and the calories they are burning, in real time. Our team has done a great job of making fitness fun.

The Solcioty experience is addicting!

1851: How is Solcioty different than its closest competitors?

Kanawyer: We offer more variety in equipment than any of our competitors. This allows a broader market of people to experience the Solcioty workout, it also enables us to keep our workout fresh. You will never come into Solcioty and experience the same workout, we put an extreme focus on our fitness programming to make sure we are always changing and progressing the workout. The overall experience at Solcioty is one-of-a-kind, along with the technology package our team has put together, it truly is something that you would need to experience and will love. 

1851: What’s up with the tech you use?

Kanawyer: Technology is a big part of what we do. Our heart rate monitoring system helps the instructors manage workouts more efficiently and effectively. Some customers want to look at a screen and see calories burned, others want to earn points and share on social media, we offer those options through the technology we have.

Because of our technology, I can coach a room full of 20 people, and know where you are at and how much effort you are giving. You can be next to an athlete and have better results because they have to work much harder. So the average person can feel good about this progress. 

Our programming is a large part of the Solcioty experience, we program around the average person. We have two functional screens in our fitness rooms, we showcase what we are doing and provide feedback on effort. We show 3-4 movements and modifications for people who can’t do that movement, there could be 15 people doing workouts and 6-7 are doing modifications. You have a trainer in the room and heart rate monitors, but you also have a visual trainer who helps with reps and form. We have set up our programming and software to help make things as simple and effective to bring you the Solcioty experience.

1851: What happens when you walk into Solcioty?

Kanawyer: When you walk in the door, you will be greeted by one of our Rockstar front desk employees. It is important for us to get to know you, discuss your overall fitness needs and give you a tour of our studio. During your first initial tour, we will review each piece of fitness equipment and show you how it functions as well as the proper form and technique.

1851: What’s next for Solcioty?

Kanawyer: Our rollout plan is going to be the Atlanta market. We have already secured a franchisee for the Atlanta market to develop five units, our first opening is in January and then another in 2018. We are going to use Atlanta as a screen board market and grow throughout the US from there. Our initial development marketing efforts focus on the Southeast from the Carolinas to Florida and to Texas. We do best in major markets where the average income is $75,000, we have more specifications on demographics and buildout available.

1851: What types of franchisees are you looking for?

Kanawyer: We are looking for business people, in my experience in the fitness industry they are ones who are the most successful in terms of operating. We do not want absentee franchisees, but they don’t necessarily need to be owner-operators at the studio every day. Our approach as a franchisor is to help franchisees train other people to help operate the studios. It’s important to have people who are passionate about the brand, as that then flows over to the consumer, when they feel excitement and passion, they want to be involved. Consumers start seeing progress about the way they are transforming physically and mentally and want to continue their membership. The type of franchisee that we are looking for has business experience, meets our financial requirements of $1.5 million in net worth and at least $600,000 liquid to invest, we are interested in multi-unit operators who want to open at least three units.

Available Markets

Top Growth Market
Multi-Unit Opportunities

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